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Alara Lucuma 200g (1 x 200g)

Alara-Lucuma (200g)Lucuma is native to the dry subtropical Andean coastal valleys. It is one of the ..

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Bonpom Lucuma Powder 200g (1 x 200g)

BonPom - Lucuma Powder (200g) BonPom was created by two veterans of the Health Food World - Alan Mar..

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Naturya Organic Lucuma Powder 300g (1 x 300g)

Naturya-Lucuma Powder (300g)Grown on orchards in the highlands of Peru, the intensely flavoured lucu..

£13.96 Ex Tax: £13.96

Of The Earth Organic Naturally Chocolate Lucuma 180g (1 x 180g)

Of The Earth Organic Naturally Hot Chocolate Lucuma. Deliciously rich, smooth, creamy and thick hot ..

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Superfoodies Lucuma Powder 100g (1 x 100g)

Raw Organic Lucuma Powder comes from a fruit native to the Peruvian Andean region. It smells divine ..

£4.88 Ex Tax: £4.88