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Biona Organic Hemp Seed 250g (1 x 250g)

Biona -Org Hemp Seed (250g)Biona Hemp Seeds can be used whole or ground in bread, rolls or muesli. ..

£3.94 Ex Tax: £3.94

Biona Organic Hemp Seed Oil 250ml (1 x 250ml)

Hemp seed oil has been known for centuries as an excellent source of vital polyunsaturated fatty aci..

£7.86 Ex Tax: £7.86

Biona Organic Wholemeal Rye Hemp Bread 500g (1 x 500g)

Biona -Org Wholemeal Rye Hemp Bread (500g)Organic Rye Bread with Hemp Seeds is traditionally made i..

£3.69 Ex Tax: £3.69

Carley'S Organic Raw Hempseed Butter 170g (1 x 170g)

Carley's-Org Raw Hempseed Butter (170g)Cool milled below 44°C from unroasted South African pecan nut..

£7.61 Ex Tax: £6.34

Emile Noel Organic Hempseed Oil 250ml (1 x 250ml)

This emerald-green oil is cold pressed and has a slightly spicy, hazelnut taste. Nutritional benefit..

£8.64 Ex Tax: £8.64

Everfresh Organic Sprout Wheat Hemp Bread 400g (1 x 400g)

Everfresh Natural Foods Org Sprout Wheat Hemp Bread (400g): A wholesome bread made with Organic spro..

£3.92 Ex Tax: £3.92

Good Good Hemp Milk 1000ml (1 x 1000ml)

Good-Good Hemp Milk (1000ml)GOOD HEMP is great in tea and coffee, cereal or simply as a refreshing d..

£3.69 Ex Tax: £3.69

Good Good Hemp Oil 250ml (1 x 250ml)

Good-Good Hemp Oil (250ml)GOOD Oil Original is a versatile, deliciously nutty culinary hemp seed oil..

£5.80 Ex Tax: £5.80

Granovita Organic Hemp Oil 260ml (1 x 260ml)

Granovita-Hemp Oil (260ml)Oil produced from organically grown hemp seed, a rich source of Omega 6. H..

£8.18 Ex Tax: £8.18

Hemp Natural Good Hemp Natural - Raw 500g (1 x 500g)

Raw, green protein powder made from 100% natural hemp seeds, and that's all. It..

£10.23 Ex Tax: £10.23

Linwoods -Shelled Hemp Mix 225g

Linwoods-Org Shelled Hemp Mix (225g)Linwoods Shelled Hemp contains all the essential amino acids tha..

£7.82 Ex Tax: £7.82

Naturya Organic Hemp Protein Powder 300g (1 x 300g)

Naturya-Org Chlorella Powder (200g) Cultivated in outdoor ponds filled with pure, clear groundwater..

£13.96 Ex Tax: £13.96

Nutiva -Org Hemp Protein & Fiber 454g

Nutiva-Org Hemp Protein & Fiber (454g)Nutiva's original award-winning Organic Hemp Protein HI Fiber ..

£14.84 Ex Tax: £14.84

Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil 236ml (1 x 236ml)

Nutiva-Organic Hemp Oil (236ml)Delicious nutty flavor Rich source of Omega-3 and Vitamin E Cold-pres..

£7.86 Ex Tax: £7.86

Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed 227g (1 x 227g)

Nutiva - Org Shelled Hempseed (227g)Organic Shelled Hempseed Nutiva's certified organic hemp seeds a..

£8.71 Ex Tax: £8.71

Of The Earth Organic Dear Me Chia, Hemp, Goji 200g (1 x 200g)

Of The Earth Organic Dear Me Chia, Hemp, Goji. Dear Me organic breakfast without cereals is a revolu..

£6.23 Ex Tax: £6.23

Of The Earth Organic Milled Linseed, Chia, Hemp 180g (1 x 180g)

Of The Earth Organic Milled Linseed, Chia, Hemp. Linseeds are becoming increasingly popular due to t..

£5.38 Ex Tax: £5.38

Power Health Hemp Seed Oil 300mg 120 capsule (1 x 120 capsule)

Power Health-Hemp Seed Oil 300mg (120 capsule)Hemp Seed Oil is considered to be one of nature’s most..

£10.39 Ex Tax: £8.66

Pulsin Hemp protein powder 1000g (1 x 1000g)

Pulsin-Hemp protein powder (1000g) Ben, Nick and Simon at Pulsin’ bring cold-pressed Hemp Protein, ..

£20.90 Ex Tax: £20.90

Pulsin Hemp Protein Powder Original 250g (1 x 250g)

Pulsin-Hemp Protein Powder Original (250g) Ben, Nick and Simon at Pulsin’ bring cold-pressed Hemp P..

£8.26 Ex Tax: £8.26