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Ankh Rah Moringa Seeds 50g (1 x 50g)

Ankh Rah high quality Moringa Seeds are high in antioxidants and vitamins A,B,C,D,E and contains iro..

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Artisan Grains Chia Seeds 125g (1 x 125g)

Chia seeds are an ancient South American superfood from the plant Salvia hispanica - a flowering pla..

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Bioglan -Superfoods Chia & Flax seeds 200g

Nutritional Information Per 25g Serving Per 100g Energy 494kJ 120kCal 1978kJ 479kCal Protein 5.2g..

£12.34 Ex Tax: £12.34

Bonpom Chia Seeds 200g (1 x 200g)

BonPom Chia Seeds 100g are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are great added to other foods as a toppi..

£6.65 Ex Tax: £6.65

Bonpom Raw Organic Chia Seeds 400g (1 x 400g)

BonPom was created by two veterans of the Health Food World - Alan Martin and Robert Stiedle. Comin..

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Carley'S Organic Raw Macadamianut Butter 170g (1 x 170g)

Carley's-Org Raw Macadamianut Butter (170g)Ingredients: cocoa butter, full milk powder, alimentary ..

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Clearspring Tamari roasted cashew nuts 30g (1 x 30g)

Tamari roasted cashew nuts - Clearspring..

£4.11 Ex Tax: £3.43

Cotswold -Cumin Seeds 50g

Cotswold Health Products-Cumin Seeds (50g)Cumin Seeds (Cuminum cyminum) is used worldwide to make mo..

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Crazy Jack Fenugreek Seeds 50g (1 x 50g)

It makes perfect sense for Abel and Cole to offer Crazy Jack organic products because sustainability..

£3.32 Ex Tax: £3.32

Crazy Jack Organic Pine Nuts 100g (1 x 100g)

Crazy Jack Pine Nuts originate from the Chinese stone pine and are widely used in Italy, Greece and ..

£6.45 Ex Tax: £6.45

Kallo Quinoa & Seeds Rice Cakes 55g (1 x 55g)

Ingredients: Wholegrain brown rice, rice syrup, corn, pumpkin seeds (4%), sesame seeds (4%), sunflow..

£3.68 Ex Tax: £3.07

Linwoods Milled Flaxseed Nuts & Q10 Mix 360g (1 x 360g)

Linwoods-Milled Flaxseed Nuts & Q10 Mix (360g)In this tasty mix Flaxseed has been ground and blended..

£7.06 Ex Tax: £7.06

Naturya Natural Chia Seeds 300g (1 x 300g)

Naturya-Natural Chia Seeds (300g) Our chia is cultivated on the sierras of South America, where the..

£8.39 Ex Tax: £8.39

Of The Earth Organic Raw Milled Linseeds 180g (1 x 180g)

Superfoods - Milled Linseeds with Chia and hemp seeds Organic United power of nutritional wonders Li..

£4.45 Ex Tax: £4.45

Pearls Of Samarkand Organic Ground Roasted Hazelnuts 150g (1 x 150g)

Pearls Of Samarkand Roasted Ground Hazelnuts. Organic Romain ground hazelnuts from Sicily.While we t..

£7.14 Ex Tax: £7.14

Pertwood Farm Organic Fruit & Seeds Muesli 650g (1 x 650g)

Our Organic Muesli Fruit and Seeds is a delicious and hearty blend of wholegrain cereals, fruits and..

£4.94 Ex Tax: £4.94

Profusion Black Chia Seeds 300g (1 x 250g)

Profusion Organic Black Chia Seeds. Chia seeds were originally cultivated by the Aztecs in Mexico. T..

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Profusion Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 150g (1 x 150g)

Profusion brings nature's power into your life. Our nutrient-rich wholefoods will boost your diet no..

£5.35 Ex Tax: £5.35

Rainforest Foods Organic Chia Seeds 300g (1 x 300g)

Rainforest Foods - Chia Seeds (300g) The seed of a South American herb, Chia is believed to have bee..

£7.09 Ex Tax: £7.09

Raw Health Organic White Chia Seeds 450g (1 x 450g)

Raw Health-Organic White Chia Seeds (450g) At Raw Health, we use organic raw ingredients and where ..

£10.72 Ex Tax: £10.72

Rude Health Honey & Nuts Granola 500g (1 x 500g)

Lightly Nutty, Sensually Sweet This is a light, crunchy granola with hidden depths. For variety we'..

£6.19 Ex Tax: £6.19

St Dalfour Whole Chestnuts 200g (1 x 200g)

St Dalfour Whole Chestnuts 200g: St Dalfour Whole Chestnuts are packed without preservatives by usin..

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Superfoodies Chia Seeds 100g (1 x 100g)

SuperFoodies Chia Seeds are another ..

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Superfoodies Hemp Seeds Shelled 100g (1 x 100g)

"Shelled hemp seeds contain an impressive selection of nutrients, including vegetable protein, vitam..

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Superfruit Chia Seeds - EU Organic 300 g (1 x 300g)

Chia seeds come from Mexico and have been used by the Aztecs since ancient times. Chia seeds are one..

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