Tea Times Trading - Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Tea 80 Bags x 5

Tea Times Trading - Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Tea 80 Bags x 5
Tick Tock Organic RooibosTea 80 Bags x 5 Tick Tock tea is still cured in the traditional way, as it was when Benjamin Ginsberg founded rooibos. The process takes place in the crisp air of the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa's Cape. It requires great skill to know when the cure is at its peak; one sign is that it begins to give off a delicious sweet aroma that attracts wild bees. Rooibos teas are naturally caffeine free, so they can be enjoyed at any time of day and are suitable for the whole family. Rooibos is rich in antioxidants and AHAs, long valued for fresh glowing skin, gently rehydrating and low in tannin. Directions: Add freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 2-4 minutes, according to taste. Add sugar or honey. Delicious with or without milk. Also with lemon or as an iced tea with mint.
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