Creative Nature - Organic Cacao Powder - Peruvian 200g

Creative Nature - Organic Cacao Powder - Peruvian 200g
Creative Nature-Cacao Powder (Peruvian) (200g)What am I? Our Cacao Powder is made by taking raw Cacao beans and cold-pressing the oil out. Once the oil has been separated, a cake like substance remains. This is then finely filtered to create our premium grade powder. When processed in this way, the incredible Cacao Powder produced contains more antioxidants than any other known food. To measure a foods antioxidants we use an ORAC test. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity and is a measure of how effective a food might be at reducing the effects of harmful free radicals (responsible for disease and the aging process). Creative Natures Cacao has an ORAC value 400% higher than the very best versions of the standard roasted cacao powder and 40 times the ORAC value of raw Blueberries!! (Cacao powder measures 95,500 on the ORAC scale as opposed to a 2,400 score for Blueberries) The powdering process is undertaken in a controlled environment ensuring the temperature remains low, therefore maintaining the nutritional potency. In fact processing Cacao in this way actually increases the health benefits up to 33%. What’s in me? Cacao contains over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, making it the most complex food substance on earth. Cacao has an abundance of natural anti-stress and bliss inducing compounds such as: Serotonin Tryptophan Anandamide Dopamine And Phenylethylamine (PEA) Cacao is also extremely high in antioxidants ( 40 times more than Blueberries) Arganine And Magnesium What can I be used for? Arginine found in Cacao Powder is an amino acid and along with its aphrodisiac properties can also be used by body builders to build muscle and aid recovery. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is also a known aphrodisiac used by courting couples to take potential relationships to the next level! The anti stress and bliss inducing compounds enable Cacao Powder to be used as a natural form of ‘Prozac’. Cacao also contains MAO inhibitors which allow more of these feel good neurotransmitters to circulate in the brain for longer. Trytophan found in Cacao is a relaxant and helps aid sleep. Magnesium which is found in abundance in Cacao Powder increases overall vigour of the heart muscle and decreases blood coagulation which lowers blood pressure and helps the heart pump more effectively. Cacao powder’s high antioxidant content enables destructive free radicals to be stabilised which would otherwise be left to damage cells and tissues, responsible for signs of aging. How should I be taken? Cacao Powder is delicious and extremely versatile enabling the individual to create smoothies, shakes, cakes, sweets and many more creative delights that are not only sensational for the taste buds but also healthy for the body. When mixed with anything with a natural sweetness (ie bananas) the chocolaty flavour is released. Rarely has a product so nutritious tasted so delicious! Your imagination is the only limitation when using this product however as with all foods cooking destroys the nutritional benefits considerably. Also please note that mixing cacao with dairy (as with traditional chocolate) actually inhibits the bodies ability to absorb the healing properties of Cacao. We therefore recommend if you are making hot chocolates, smoothies or shakes to blend Cacao Powder with non-dairy products. How much of me should you take? Depends on how decadent you wish to be!! There is no recommended dosage for this product, one can indulge without fear! A good heaped tablespoon will make any smoothie taste divine!
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