Santa Catarina - Azores Tuna - Tuna Fillets In Mediterranean Sauce 120g

Santa Catarina - Azores Tuna - Tuna Fillets In Mediterranean Sauce 120g
SANTA CATARINA AZORES TUNA Tuna Fillets In Mediterranean Sauce 120g The Mediterranean Sauce (olive oil, onion, garlic, sweet pepper, parsley, paprika, pepper paste, wine vinegar), comes straight from the Azorean islands' history. A few centuries ago, boats from India used to stop in the Azores full of spices from Asia, but without water and food. People on the island used to exchange these for the condiments on board, which came to strongly influence the Azorean cuisine. Santa Catarina is located in the island of S?o Jorge, which is part of the Azores Portuguese archipelago found right in the middle of the North Atlantic cold waters. The waters there are among the purest in the world, meaning the fish avoid metal contamination. At the shore, men in small boats have been catching skipjack tuna for generations during their migration period along the islands. Balance and sustainability are assured and only the pole & line method is used.
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