Enjoy Raw Chocolate Limited - Enjoy Raw Choc Dark 85% Chocolate Bar 80g x 10

Enjoy Raw Chocolate Limited - Enjoy Raw Choc Dark 85% Chocolate Bar 80g x 10
Enjoy Raw Dark 85% Chocolate Bar [80g x 10] At 85% cacao solids this chocolate has an intensely dark taste to delight the serious chocolate lover. Not just another raw chocolate range - we believe Enjoy Raw Chocolate is set to be a leading raw chocolate brand with their well balanced chocolate flavours, their super chunky bars, and their pocket friendly pricing. About Enjoy Chocolate We source the very best quality organic ?Criollo? raw cacao beans from Peru in our chocolate. The Criollo variety is known as the ?Queen of Cacao,? because of its complex flavour and aroma. Most commercially available chocolate is produced using cocoa from beans that have been roasted at very high temperatures. However, enJoy! Raw Chocolate is made from cacao* which comes from unroasted beans that have been naturally fermented and pressed at low heat to allow more nutrients to remain intact. Whilst some other chocolate companies add ?baddies? such as additional fats, milk, sugar and artificial sweeteners enJoy! Raw Chocolate contains just three premium organic ingredients: Organic raw cacao butter. Found in the outer lining of each cacao bean, the cacao butter is the fattiest part of the bean and looks a bit like white chocolate. Organic raw cacao powder. Ground from the cacao bean once the cacao butter has been removed, the cacao powder gives the chocolate its distinctive taste Organic coconut blossom sugar. This is made from the sap of the buds of the coconut tree. As these buds emerge harvesters bind them and then slice the tops off, leaving a cup to catch the sap. The sap is then gently heated to produce sugar. Coconut blossom sugar has a GI of 35, which is approximately half that of refined sugar, and a rich mellow taste. EnJoy! Raw Chocolate is: Dairy free, Gluten free, Soya free and.
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