Protein Ball - Protein Ball Co Cacao & Orange Protein Ball 45g x 10

Protein Ball - Protein Ball Co Cacao & Orange Protein Ball 45g x 10
Protein Ball Co Cacao & Orange Protein Ball 45g x 10 Protein Ball Co. Cacao and Orange (Whey 22% Protein). A healthy and indulging handful of cashews, crunchy cacao nibs + raw pitted dates rolled together with whey protein (from grass-fed cows) + coated in a fine cacao powder. If you have a chocolate craving after a meal then this will do the trick. At The Protein Ball Co. they have created the most delicious, all-natural, high protein snacks in the universe! Choose your flavour and pick your protein. With 6 unique flavours and 3 clean protein sources to suit your taste, health and lifestyle. Plus the option of vegan or vegetarian these honest-to-goodness balls are deliciously sugar free and gluten free.
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