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Beechams - Cold&Flu Honey&Lemon 5

Beechams Cold&Flu Honey&Lemon 5 Beechams Cold & Flu Hot Lemon is perfect for individuals suffering ..

£7.79 Ex Tax: £6.49

Benylin - Max Strength Caps 16'S

BENYLIN Cold & Flu Max Strength Capsules contain an analgesic and decongestant which help relieve c..

£21.90 Ex Tax: £18.25

Galpharm - Galpharm Paracetamol Caplets 500Mg 16's

Galpharm Paracetamol Caplets 500Mg 16'S For the relief of mild to moderate pain including headache,..

£3.28 Ex Tax: £2.73

Mac - Mac Lozenges Blackcurrant 16Pk

Mac Lozenges Blackcurrant 16Pk x 6 MAC Dual Action Blackcurrant flavour lozenges are recommended fo..

£7.45 Ex Tax: £6.21

Piriteze - Piriteze Allergy Tablets 7'S 7'S

Piriteze Allergy Tablets 7'S Relief from the symptoms of: hayfever, skin allergies, pet allergies, ..

£31.68 Ex Tax: £26.40

Pro Voke - Pro Plus 24'S 24

Pro Plus 24'S Pro Plus contains caffeine a stimulant that can help you feel more awake and helps yo..

£21.17 Ex Tax: £17.64