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Caterwrap - Aluminium Foil 500Mm X 75M 75M

CATERWRAP ALUMINIUM FOIL 500MM x 75M Caterwrap aluminium catering foil products are ava..

£48.24 Ex Tax: £40.20

Caterwrap - Aluminum Foil 300Mm X 75Mtr 75M

CATERWRAP ALUMINIUM FOIL 300MM x 75M Caterwrap aluminium catering foil products are ava..

£30.25 Ex Tax: £25.21

Caterwrap - Cling Film Wide 450Mm X 300M 300M

CATERWRAP CLING FILM WIDE 450MM x 300M The box has a cutter line for easy dispensing of..

£37.93 Ex Tax: £31.61

Clear - Clear Vinyl Gloves Powder Free Large LARGE

Clear Vinyl Gloves Powder Free Large..

£28.97 Ex Tax: £24.14

Days - Poly Gloves Disposable Medium MEDIUM

Designed for delis, sandwich shops, concession stands, and any commercial kitchen, disposable gloves..

£1.86 Ex Tax: £1.55

Dettol - Dettol Liquid Antiseptic 4L 4 LTR

Dettol Disinfectant Liquid provides expert protection against harmful bacteria and can be used on ma..

£63.91 Ex Tax: £53.26

Domestos - Domestos Professional Original Bleach 5L 5 LTR

Domestos Professional Original Bleach with chlorine for complete protection from germs including sal..

£23.60 Ex Tax: £19.67

Fairy - Fairy Liquid Professional 5 LITRE

Fairy Liquid Professional 5 LITRE P&G Professional liquid detergent for pre-soaking, washing up and..

£17.92 Ex Tax: £14.93

Flash - Flash All-Purpose Cleaner Lemon 5Ltr 5 LTR

This versatile, all-purpose cleaner from Flash makes the housework a doddle. Suitable for cleaning t..

£15.24 Ex Tax: £12.70

Generic - Vest Carrier White Hd 275X425X525Mm STD

White vest carriers made from degradable high density polythene. With a printed degradable design th..

£28.68 Ex Tax: £23.90

Hospec - Hospec Disinfectant Pine 5 Ltr 5 LTR

This non-bleaching product is suitable for: ? Disinfection of drains, sinks, toilets and urinals. ..

£8.75 Ex Tax: £7.29

Hospec - Hospec Thick Bleach 5Ltr 5 LTR

This fragranced product is suitable for: Use in all washroom areas and in septic tanks. Neutralisi..

£9.94 Ex Tax: £8.28

Hospec - Hospec Thin Bleach 5 Ltr 5 LTR

This fast acting product is suitable for: Cleaning and disinfection of toilets and urinals, sinks a..

£7.22 Ex Tax: £6.02

Milton - Milton Professional Sanitiser Liquid Bottle 5 LTR

MILTON PROFESSIONAL SANITISER LIQUID BOTTLE 5 LTR For the safe cleaning and sterilising a wide rang..

£32.74 Ex Tax: £27.28

Olympia - Olympia Napkins White 1Ply 1 PLY

Olympia Napkins White 1Ply x 5000..

£19.75 Ex Tax: £16.46

Plain White Labels 57X98Mm (8K) 57X98Mm

Plain White Labels 57X98Mm 1000 Easy to peel plain address labels for home or business use. These..

£107.22 Ex Tax: £89.35

Vest - Vest Carrier Coloured 12X18X23" Hd 23IN

Coloured Plastic Carrier Bag most commonly used in grocery and retail outlets..

£48.71 Ex Tax: £40.59